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KOVAN: An overview of research activities
Dr. Erol Sahin
Dept. of Computer Engineering
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey


In this talk, I will summarize the work that we have been carrying out at KOVAN. First I will describe a software platform, named PES (Parallelized Evolution System), that parallelizes the fitness evaluations of evolutionary methods over multiple computers connected via a network. The platform creates an infrastructure that allows the dispatching of tness evaluations onto a group of computers, running both Windows or Linux operating systems, parallelizing the evolutionary process. Then I will describe some of our experiments, carried out on a 128-node Beowulf cluster, for evolving scalable aggregation behaviors, and discuss the results. I will also describe about our work on ODE (a free physics simulation library) to equip with the abilities available on Vortex (a commercial physics simulation library).


evolutionary systems, swarm robotics, physics-based simulation


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