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Emergent Design of Analogue Circuits Using Reconfigurable PALMO Cells
Morgan Tamplin
Edinburgh University


This talk will review the basis for my PhD research to write an ant algorithm for analogue circuit design. I will present some brief background that inspired this work, describing the early successes of others evolving circuits for digital devices. I will explain the PALMO analogue device for which I wish to design circuits. It is based on a functional unit that integrates a pulse width modulated signal for implementing a potentially broad range of circuits, including low, high and band pass filters. The interconnect between functional units and their internal gain value can be reconfigured, making them well suited to emergent design. I will present examples of an evolved Palmo circuit to demonstrate how the circuits can be encoded for a genetic algorithm. The talk will end with a few challenges that this type of circuit presents to writing an ant algorithm for it and questions for the audience. Following lively, if not raucous, conversation is encouraged.


Reconfigurable circuits, Analogue circuit design, Emergent circuit design, Ant algorithm, Evolvable hardware, Genetic algorithm