Poster at ECCS 2011

A poster on a preliminary analysis of the dynamics of BN robots performing phototaxis & antiphototaxis has been presented at the European Conference on Complex Systems (Vienna, September 2011).


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Best Master Thesis Award on Boolean Network Robotics

For his Master thesis “Towards Boolean Network Design for Robotics Applications”, Mattia Manfroni received the 2011 Best Master Thesis Award from the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA).

Mattia carried out his research at IRIDIA under the supervision of Andrea Roli, Mauro Birattari, Carlo Pinciroli, and Marco Dorigo.

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E-puck phototaxis/anti-phototaxis

The following video shows a behavior in which a robot performs phototaxis and switches to antiphototaxis as soon at it senses a hand-clap.

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Boolean network robotics: a proof of concept

The first publication about Boolean network robotics:

On the design of Boolean network robots
A. Roli, M. Manfroni, C. Pinciroli and M. Birattari.
Proceedings of EVOApplications 2011, LNCS, Springer, 2011.

Dynamical systems theory and complexity science provide powerful tools for analysing artificial agents and robots. Furthermore, they have been recently proposed also as a source of design principles and guidelines. Boolean networks are a prominent example of complex dynamical systems and they have been shown to effectively capture important phenomena in gene regulation. From an engineering perspective, these models are very compelling, because they can exhibit rich and complex behaviours, in spite of the compactness of their description. In this paper, we propose the use of Boolean networks for controlling robots’ behaviour. The network is designed by means of an automatic procedure based on stochastic local search techniques. We show that this approach makes it possible to design a network which enables the robot to accomplish a task that requires the capability of navigating the space using a light stimulus, as well as the formation and use of an internal memory.

Also available as:

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Welcome to bn-robotics

Welcome to bn-robotics, a site dedicated to the development of Boolean network robotics.

Boolean network robotics concerns the use of Boolean networks, and other models from complex systems science, as robot programs. This website is aimed at providing a central resource for Boolean network robotics and related topics.

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